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Most business relationships are controlled through a formal contract.

Black Thistle Contracts maximizes the effectiveness and security of your contracts to deliver real value to your business, no matter the size or nature of your business or whether you operate on the buy or the sell side of the business deal. Hiring Black Thistle Contracts is the first step in developing contracts which deliver successful and efficient business relationships and maximize the benefit to your organization.

Black Thistle Contracts provides tailored consultancy services in all aspects of the commercial contract lifecycle.  In the same way you consult a lawyer, accountant or other professional when you need their services, Black Thistle allows you to access professional contract consultancy services when, and to the extent, you need them, including:

  • pro forma contract drafting
  • contract formation
  • bidding process support
  • contract negotiation
  • contract administration
  • change management
  • contract close-out
  • claims settlement

Through a partnership with Exari Systems, we also provide expertise in sourcing and implementation of industry-leading contract management and support software, and can offer advice in respect of corporate process and procedure alignment to best promote successful implementation of solutions, maximizing ROI.

All contracts-related services can be fully outsourced to Black Thistle Contracts, or can be delivered in conjunction with client personnel in order that client organizations gain continuing knowledge and expertise.

Latest News

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16/01/2018 - Contiki Becomes Exari

In case you missed it, there was big news earlier this week from CMA Contiki, a company that Black Thistle is proud to partner in the Enterprise Contract Management System market. Contiki has agreed a deal to unite with Exari…. Read more