IACCM Accreditation

As noted previously, part of Black Thistle’s ongoing commitment to service provision to our clients is based on using the best available knowledge and trends within the contracting community.

In support of this commitment, and in acknowledgement of the level of service provision that can be expected from Black Thistle, Keith Thomson is proud to have been awarded Certified Member [MCCM Cert] accreditation of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM).

The web-based certification program is based on demonstrated performance, as well as work experience and academic qualifications, with self-assessment against key skill and knowledge areas, and practical assessment and validation by peers.  The certification process for MCCM Cert level requires a minimum of seven years experience in a management or senior specialist role and involves ‘benchmarking’ against other professionals at the same certification level, with Keith being rated at 90% in the practical case study aspect of the certification.