Black Thistle Contracts provides consultancy services in all aspects of the commercial contract lifecycle, from pro forma contract drafting, contract formation, bidding and negotiation, through contract administration to close-out and claims settlement.

The contracting process, or specific parts of that process, can be undertaken by Black Thistle Contracts as an outsourced, discrete work package, delivered at client premises or remotely (based on your particular needs).

In small organizations, this allows the client to focus on core activities in the knowledge that their contracts are being handled in a professional manner, while larger clients can have their legal personnel focus on other daily corporate support efforts, while retaining final review to provide internal assurance that legal and corporate integrity are maintained.

The company also brings clients the benefit of considerable experience and expertise in the sourcing and implementation of contract management systems, and can provide advice and support in respect of corporate process and procedure alignment, cost control and change management.

While Black Thistle does not replace qualified legal review, our services promote legal review being fast and cost effective, as specific legal issues can be clearly identified.  Through partner relations, we can also recommend the right people to perform final legal review, as required.