Pre-Contract Award

Creating fit for purpose bid documentation can go a long way to determining if the resulting contract will meet expectations and requirements.  A document which fails to accurately portray the work to be undertaken, or elicit information required to assess the capabilities of respondents, or a bid response which fails to address prospective client requirements, can lead to confusion, dispute and unnecessarily increased costs, or diminished returns, with a resultant failure to achieve the contract aims.

Black Thistle Contracts can help build the foundations for mutually successful business relationships through its experience in:

  • Compilation of bid packages
  • Provision of advice on contracting strategy
  • Ensuring the bid process is structured in a sufficiently robust manner to bear regulatory scrutiny
  • Liaison with client functional groups to ensure all relevant parties’ interests are contemplated
  • Collation of all necessary process and procedure documentation
  • Experience in a full range of contractual negotiations, including engineering, construction, procurement, operational support services and drilling / well services contracts